Game description

Ziterion's Magic Tournament is a game that is playable by as few as two players. Upwards the number of players theoretically knows no limits.


Players lead a small elite unit of brave heroes through Ziterion's tournament arena, which he has created in dark underground caves. That means that whatever is located outside the playing field modules is impenetrable rock.


Each player tries to piffer an artefact from the central room of the arena and, against the resistance of the other players, move it into the  starting room of the player to his/her left.

As a result, players build steps to overcome individual levels of the arena, erect walls to block their opponent's path, find and use magic utensils that may benefit them, and engage in battles with opponents, or even temporarily join forces with one of the other players in order to defeat a seemingly all-powerful opponent.


In the end, however, only one team can win Ziterion's Magical Tournament.

The great magician Ziterion

The great magician Ziterion was sick of it! No matter in which world and in which epoch he traveled, everywhere he found envy, false pride and boasting. No matter which of the countless races he visited, no matter if they were simple hunter-gatherers or advanced astronauts, he always found the strangely sure conviction that this very people was the smartest, most significant and strongest.