Ziterion's Team

Pure Magic was not quite enough to make this entertaining and fun game in Ziterions' magical halls. However, it was certainly a magical moment in which the authors Thomas Doll and Thomas Reinheckel shot the idea for ZITERIA in the head and made their synapses glow. Whereupon many flashes of inspiration were released, which had unique ideas and game sequences. The idea never left her.


The game was always improved by the two. In numerous test rounds with friends, ideas were discussed until late at night, rules formulated, tried and rejected. The many positive reactions to fairs and cons as well as the grinning faces with a successful play of the auditioners, have ultimately inspired and driven us all. Other helpers were sought and found, who supported us with passion and their abilities.


The result: ZITERIA - Ziterion's magical tournament!


Thomas Doll



Monica Fuchs


Christian Schwager

(Illustration Regelwerk)


Christoph Blumenthal

(Illustration Titelbild Regelwerk)


Evelien Peeters

(Videography + Crowdfunding-Support)


Tobias Nettekoven

(Videography + Crowdfunding-Support)


Peer Brauner

(3D Artist)


Jürgen Hauser



Stephan Bender